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& I'm just a girl

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It appears I've upset Bear. She has a boyfriend just 2 days after splitting up with her fiance of 3 years & he's not thrilled about it. He's not thrilled about anything that involves any human being with a pair of breasts having another half.

So when Bear came up to the kitchen this evening & asked if I was going out, I said no. He knew that already, but walked off very looking very dejected. I don't however want to give him the impression that I'm interested in him in that way. I also want him to realise he can't treat me the way he did after she came on the scence & expect me to sit back & take it.

Even if it was nice not having him so for approximately 48 hours.

Surrogate just laughed when I told her & told me she understood. So it means I'm not being completely unreasonable.


Bear's got his wish & as a result doesn't & won't pay me nearly as much attention as before because she's prettier, thinner & nicer than me. But that suits me fine because it means the rumours will stop (hopefully).

I cried last night after opening up a magazine & reading a story about some guys using cats & rabbits as "target practice". Those types are sick & should be put on an island & shot.


I read in one of the national papers from Sunday (because I'm a bit behind with the times) that a man was found on fire in the village I used to live in. Suddenly the smallest place in the world becomes the centre of the universe. It doesn't seem possible.

Bear & I had a discussion (or more a "make each other fall on the floor laughing" session) this morning about Trader. It's something we both love doing, because there's no way to make yourself feel better than a good old laugh about someone you both don't particularly like.

* * * * *

I could have done without the telephone call I received just now from Blackwidow, telling me my ex fiancee has turned into a psycho guy from hell, stalking his best friend (who, just for the record, I've not spoken to for nearly 3 years for a lot of reasons). I was tempted to call my ex to find out what was going on, but what's the point in stirring up all the emotions which I've kept under wraps for the last 2 years? & why would he want to talk to me anyway? & why, quite honestly would I want to talk to him? Besides, more than likely, Blackwidow's simply shit stirring, as she usually does. Afterall, she's made up similar sounding lies about me in the not so distant past.

So if you don't mind, I'll leave things where they were. & if they need to be dealt with later, so be it. But I don't think that's neccessary.


I've restarted my site again.  Because although it was only up for a day, I just didn't like it at all.  This is more me.  The colours are nicer & slightly more welcoming & isn't that picture at the top just totally calming?

Squirt & I had a conversation about Flake this morning.  We both know the other doesn't like her, so we can say what we want without offending the other.  Also, it's just something we like to do.  Because, what's better than drinking a cup of coffee & bitching about a person you can't stand?

& she's been thinking the same things as I have recently.  So I take know I'm not just thinking something out of the blue.

Bear last night told Surrogate that I'm the cleverest person on my course.  Which I'm not, but I'm still hugely flattered, particularly coming from him, as he's always using these huge words that I have no clue the meaning of.  So, to know he said I'm the most intelligent person on the course.  Well, you can imagine.